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  • "When one thinks of how an ideal dentist clinic should be, Toothwise immediately comes to mind. An environment where the doctors deal with their patients in a very caring yet practical, friendly yet professional and certainly very effective way. I am happy to have found Drs. Shruti and Nupur to rely on for my constant dental worries."

    • Shayonti Salvi
    • Interior Designer / Artist.
  • "Both my children, Shaziah aged 5yrs and Zahaan aged 4 yrs, needed fairly intensive dental procedures last year. Dr. Shruti Mehta, has provided us with invaluable care for them. We are assured a practical and caring approach to the treatments. It speaks volumes about Toothwise, when my children are not scared to visit the clinic."

    • Kunaal Roy Kapur
    • Actor / Director.
  • "I am very pleased to share my experience with Dr Jhunjunwala and her staff at the Toothwise Clinic. From the very first visit to the clinic, I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. I was there to get my teeth cleaned…Dr. Jhunjhunwala did a thorough job, listened to my concerns and answered all my questions patiently. I must mention I was very impressed by the dental hygiene at the clinic!
    Dr.Jhunjhunwala is an excellent dentist; she inspires the utmost confidence by her skill, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you doctor for a great experience, fantastic quality of work done on my teeth and the detailed attention.
    I brought in both my children to her clinic the next week and she handled them with the same infectious smile and welcoming words. She meticulously prepared their teeth, explained every step as she worked on. Before they left; she rewarded them with little gifts, which made their day. My girls talked about their experience with their dentist for days.
    I would recommend Dr Jhunjhunwala to everyone & kudos to the Toothwise Clinic!"

    • Tarulika khaitan
  • I have been a very frightened patient & the sort that starts shouting even in anticipation of any pain… Shruti & Nupur have been extremely patient & firm at the same time … In fact when I started with them I was in extreme pain because a filling had been done where a root canal was needed & they had to undo the filling of a very sensitive tooth. But their hand is very light & they caught it instantly that what I thought was a ear pain was related to my teeth. In spite if being very I young Drs I have a lot of faith in their judgement.

    • Shilpa arya